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Makism 3D


The Wideboy™ 

Makism 3D’s flagship product, the Wideboy™ is a high quality, reliable and easy to use 3D printer designed in the UK and manufactured in Asia. 

Our Wideboy™ 3D printer offers users an affordable out-of-box experience that fits any home, school or office space. We utilise only high quality and freely available British/German components to achieve reliability, and offer users with the most hassle-free 3D printing experience. 

Our 3D printer, designed to be platform on which to release critical future upgrades enables users to produce incredibly fast, accurate and cost effective proof-of-concept prototypes in any home, school or office envirnment around the globe. 

The production and assembly process of the Wideboy™ 3D printer has been carefully thought out to ensure we deliver a consistent and reliabile product to crucial emerging markets whilst also meeting the demand of existing well developed, but under nourished markets. Each component utilised within our system has been thoughourly analised to ensure our supply chain can scale in-line with the industry. 


To review the Wideboy™ specifications click here


The average selling price for a personal 3D printer was $1,208 in 2013 and $1,138 in 2012.

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