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Makism 3D


The Wideboy™ Family

Makism 3D’s flagship product, the Wideboy™ is a family of printers designed to empower organizations and individuals to affordably create high-quality individually manufactured prototypes, parts, and objects, rapidly and with a high degree of precision.

Our Wideboy™ printers offer a minimalist yet elegant design that fits any office or professional space. They feature high quality British/German engineered components, and unlike competitor 3D printers, they come ready to use directly out-of-the-box.

Dual all-metal extruders and a temperature stabilized build chamber permits the Wideboy family of printers to print with exotic materials such as nylon, polycarbonate and a wide range of support materials. The end result is a safer, more user-friendly 3D printer with a high level of print consistency and operational stability.

The production and assembly process of the Wideboy™ is extremely efficient and incorporates rock-solid quality control throughout the entire build process. The end result is an instant user experience that simply has no precedent in the personal/professional 3D printer marketplace.

The Wideboy’s™ exceptional packaging encloses a cutting-edge 3D printer experience backed with a 3 year parts warranty.

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The average selling price for a personal 3D printer was $1,208 in 2013 and $1,138 in 2012.

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