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Makism 3D


About Makism 3D

Makism 3D (OTCBB: MDDD) is a 3D printer manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom offering an innovative approach to manufacturing personal grade 3D printers for use in every home, school and office around the globe. 

The Company’s flagship product named the Wideboy™, has been designed in the United Kingdom and will be manufactured under exacting standards in Asia. Our printer features high quality, Bristish/German engineered components and is ready for use right out-the-box, requiring no calibration. Our 3D printer is engineered for incredibly fast, reliable and affordable proof-of-concept prototypes, and is designed to suit every home, school and office environment. 

We are offering a reliable, attractive and affordable 3D printer that appeals to home, education and professional markets around the globe.



The average selling price for a personal 3D printer was $1,208 in 2013 and $1,138 in 2012.

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